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Terrific Carpet Cleaning has been dedicated to the care and sanitation of carpets in the West Jordan area for 3 years. Even though our expansion is largely based on word of mouth recommendations, we maintain the small business customer service touch. Give us a call and we'll respond right away. Grant us the opportunity to create a cleaner and safer living space for all occupants. Your call is awaited.

Why Proficient Carpet Cleaning & Steam Cleaning

The wall pictures and floor carpets in your home exemplify your personality and lifestyle. Ensure that your carpets don't portray the wrong story. Carpet supplies your home with an array of benefits, such as insulation, comfort, aesthetics, fall prevention, sound buffering, and airborne allergen reduction.

The Inception of Our Cleaning Services

  1. The area cleaning personnel will commence by surveying the desired spaces and clarify the carpet cleaning approach with you.
  2. Consequently, we will displace as many furniture pieces as needed and workable.
  3. The carpet cleaning process starts with spot treatments for areas in need of extra attention.
  4. After spot treating, we utilize our exclusive carpet cleaning machines to deep clean, pumping hot water into the carpet and extracting both water and dirt.
  5. The suction power of our carpet cleaning equipment is so strong that it eliminates a lot of water, causing the carpet to dry quickly.
  6. Once finished, we will join you in evaluating the outcome, ensuring your contentment with the cleaned carpet.

Get Better Air Quality at Home with Carpet Cleaning

Data shows that indoor air quality is frequently inferior to outdoor air, causing potential problems for infants, the elderly, and those with respiratory or allergy concerns. Carpets help to filter airborne particles, improving the air you breathe within your home. A regularly vacuumed and cleaned carpeted room maintains better indoor air quality than a room with hard flooring. Expert steam cleaning of your carpet contributes to a healthier household atmosphere for your family.

We Specialize in Upholstery Cleaning Too

Terrific Carpet Cleaning brings you exceptional upholstery and drapery cleaning services, with added odor and protection treatments. Our adept staff can enliven all your home's fabrics, from upholstered surfaces and fabric-trimmed walls to drapes and valances.

We will expediently reinstate the grace and color of your favored sofa, couch, or chair. Our drapery cleaning technique is prompt and convenient, as drapes remain hanging. This in-situ cleaning approach ensures your windows stay adorned and you sidestep the hassle of external cleaning.

The Significance of Upholstery Cleaning

Regardless of the material, upholstery tends to attract dust and dirt over time. Along with spills and stains from various liquids and substances, like juices, beverages, baby formula, and ketchup, this causes considerable damage to your upholstery. Eventually, the fabric on your sofa and other furniture items will become too stained to disregard.

Your once appealing sofa might now appear as a clutter of stains and spills. Avoid purchasing new furniture and draperies by selecting Terrific Carpet Cleaning's expert furniture and drapery cleaning services, which can swiftly upgrade your existing upholstery and draperies.

By using Terrific Carpet Cleaning's furniture cleaning service, you can rid your sofa's fabric of dust, pollen, animal dander, and other allergens without causing any harm to your furniture.

Exploring the Connection Between Carpets and Clean Air

The notion that carpets contribute to asthma and allergy symptoms is often misunderstood. In fact, research over the last 20 years has shown that rooms which are well-maintained and clean lead to fewer airborne particles. Carpet fibers help trap particles like pollen, dust, and pet dander, preventing them from re-entering the air. Proper carpet maintenance is key to cleaner air, but over time, it gets more difficult to remove trapped impurities by vacuuming.

Need-to-Know Tips for Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

Proper maintenance and care are vital to maintaining the life and attractiveness of your carpet. Quality carpet, when well-maintained, can have a lifespan of 10-15 years. Adequate cleaning promotes better indoor air quality, aligns with manufacturers' warranties, and deters premature carpet replacement.

Maintain your carpet's appeal with these ideas:

No shoes and using mats and runners help prevent dirt and grime.

Vacuum at least weekly to maintain a clean floor.

Swiftly clean stains using products that neither harm the carpet nor accelerate re-soiling.

Carpet manufacturers endorse using hot water extraction for professional cleaning every 12-18 months to keep carpets looking clean and new.

Why Trust Terrific Carpet Cleaning?

We employ a hot water extraction technique recommended by the manufacturer, ensuring that your carpets are cleaned without any damage to the delicate fibers. Water is heated to 190F and blended with a water softener to kill a variety of bacteria. A robust vacuum then extracts dust, dander, and allergens lurking deep within your carpet.

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What makes our carpet cleaning in West Jordan eco-friendly?

Terrific Carpet Cleaning is a family-owned business that employs certified second-generation carpet cleaning professionals to provide top-notch results and customer service. Our trained experts, equipped with the latest technology and procedures, will demonstrate the full potential of clean and healthy carpets. We also use only plant and fruit-based cleaners for the safety of you and your family!

Intense heat is employed to exterminate bacteria, germs, and fungi, ensuring the healthiest and cleanest carpet for you. As an outcome, your carpet dries quicker, smells nicer, and lasts longer than with traditional cleaning. Despite our competitors offering some value, we deliver sanitized, clean carpets using all-natural cleaning products, from our family to yours, right in West Jordan, negating the necessity to search the city for carpet cleaning solutions.

In the West Jordan area, we provide homeowners with consultations to identify their carpet needs. We're available for emergency calls to address fresh stains before they set in. Our top priority is your satisfaction, and we'll improve your home's health with carpet cleaning, water extraction, steam cleaning, and odor removal. Additionally, we clean upholstery to reduce allergens and stains.

Time to Experience Professional Carpet Magic?

It is typically beneficial to have your carpets professionally cleaned at least yearly in most circumstances. The fundamental purpose of this is to sustain the carpet's attractiveness. It can be demanding to keep your carpet looking elegant all the time with only a DYI carpet cleaner. Professional carpet cleaners possess the needed equipment and skills to ensure your carpet looks superb during its lifetime.

Dirt and debris caught in carpet fibers can limit the effectiveness of a DIY clean, leaving the carpet's appearance and cleanliness only partially restored. Regular cleaning promotes a healthy environment, but professional cleaning is necessary to target deeper problems.

Throughout the year, pollen, germs, and allergens remain lodged in the fibers. Breathing can become difficult for you and your family if a professional floor cleaning company like Terrific Carpet Cleaning doesn't deep clean them. An additional advantage of carpet cleaning is an extended carpet lifespan. Without annual professional cleaning, you may need to replace your carpet in five to seven years, but with monthly, biannual, or yearly cleanings, your carpet's life can be prolonged by several years.

Need a Carpet Cleaning Plan?

Yearly cleaning suffices for low-traffic carpets, while high-traffic carpets should be cleaned twice a year for optimal results. West Jordan families with children and pets ought to clean their carpets every three months. Six-monthly cleaning is needed for lighter carpets. To maintain the health and comfort of allergy sufferers in your home, clean every two months. If someone smokes in the home, carpets may require more frequent cleaning to get rid of ash and smell.

Are Clean Carpets Really Necessary?

Carpets in areas with little traffic need only be cleaned yearly, while those in high traffic areas should be cleaned every two years for the best results. West Jordan families with children and pets will want to clean their carpets every three months. Lighter carpets should also be cleaned every six months. In homes with allergy sufferers, cleaning carpets every two months may be necessary for maintaining health and comfort. If someone smokes inside the house, more frequent cleaning might be needed to remove ash and odors.

Vacuuming aids in the removal of dust mites, dirt, and bacteria; however, it doesn't entirely get rid of them, leading to accumulation and an increased risk of health issues. Professional carpet cleaning companies in West Jordan can extract dust mites, germs, and other allergens, promoting easier breathing for your family and reducing the likelihood of colds and other ailments. This cleaning process can also enhance airflow, which is essential for preventing a stuffy or uncomfortable home.

Discover Your Carpet Cleaning Alternatives

Recognizing diverse carpet cleaning types is key to providing a safe and efficient cleaning for your home's carpets. With adequate care, carpets can be long-lasting and maintain their pristine condition; however, multiple cleaning methods exist, and their effectiveness is not equal. Options like hot water extraction, foam shampooing, dry powder, or bonnet cleaning offer varying benefits and drawbacks. Professional carpet cleaners, such as Terrific Carpet Cleaning, employ specific cleaners based on individual needs like pet odors or staining, ensuring the optimal method is chosen for your carpet.