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Terrific Carpet Cleaning - Exceptional Carpet Cleaning Results

For 3 years, Terrific Carpet Cleaning has been responsible for maintaining and sanitizing carpets in the Kent area. While we have mainly grown through word of mouth referrals, we pride ourselves on delivering small business customer service. Call us for an instant response. Provide us with the chance to ensure a cleaner and safer home for all occupants. We're ready for your call.

Why Expert Carpet Cleaning & Steam Cleaning

Your personality and lifestyle are displayed in your home, from the pictures on the wall to the carpets on the floor. Don't let the carpets send an incorrect message. The presence of carpet in your home offers advantages such as thermal comfort, coziness, aesthetic appeal, fall protection, sound insulation, and allergen control.

Our Work's Beginning: What to Expect

  1. Your local cleaners will initially assess the rooms you've chosen and explain the carpet cleaning protocol to you.
  2. Subsequently, we'll adjust as much furniture as necessary and within our capability.
  3. Carpet cleaning begins with treating specific spots that need extra care.
  4. We then utilize our advanced carpet cleaning machines to deep clean, forcing hot water into the carpet to dislodge dirt and extracting it along with the water.
  5. Our carpet cleaning machine's strong suction extracts a large portion of water, ensuring your carpet dries in just a few hours.
  6. We will wrap up by conducting a joint review to make sure you are delighted with the cleanliness of your carpet.

Enhancing Indoor Air Quality with Regular Carpet Cleaning

Studies show that indoor air quality is often worse than the outdoor air. Poor air quality can be a problem for babies, the elderly and those with allergies or respiratory issues. Carpet traps airborne particles, removing them from the air you breathe. A carpeted room that is vacuumed and cleaned regularly will have a higher level of indoor air quality than a room with a hard surface floor. Professional steam cleaning of your carpet helps to ensure a healthier environment.

We Handle Upholstery Cleaning Too

Terrific Carpet Cleaning excels in expert upholstery and drapery cleaning, complete with odor and protection treatments. Our adept team can invigorate all your home's fabrics, spanning upholstered furnishings and fabric-wrapped walls to draperies and valances.

Expediently restore the radiance and tone of your favorite sitting furniture. Our stay-in-place drapery cleaning method is fast and accessible, as it doesn't involve removing the drapes, maintaining window coverage and freeing you from the annoyance of sending them out for cleaning.

Reasons to Clean Your Upholstery

Whatever material your upholstery is made of over the years it attracts its fair share of dirt. Add to that spills and stains that you have to contend with over the years – juices, drinks, baby formula, ketchup – and your upholstery will take a lot of damage. Before long you will begin to notice that the fabric on your furniture is now covered with too many stains to ignore.

You may have realized that your once-stylish sofa now resembles a chaos of stains and spills. Instead of buying new furniture and draperies, try Terrific Carpet Cleaning's professional furniture and drapery cleaning services to give your present upholstery and draperies a quick makeover.

Eliminate allergens like dust, pollen, and animal dander from your sofa's fabric without damaging your furniture with the help of Terrific Carpet Cleaning's furniture cleaning service.

Can Carpets and Clean Air Coexist?

It's often mistakenly thought that carpets cause asthma and allergy symptoms to worsen. However, research spanning 20 years has shown that clean, well-kept rooms lead to a decrease in airborne particles. Carpet fibers capture particles like pollen, dust, and pet dander, stopping them from being recirculated in the air. Proper carpet care is essential for cleaner air, but it becomes increasingly difficult to remove impurities trapped in the carpet through vacuuming over time.

Essential Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Knowledge

The endurance and beauty of your carpet depend on appropriate maintenance and care. A well-kept, quality carpet can have a 10-15-year life expectancy. Proper cleaning bolsters indoor air quality, follows manufacturers' warranties, and wards off early carpet replacement.

Carpet care made simple with these tips:

Cease dirt from entering by taking shoes off and using mats and runners.

Vacuum frequently to minimize dirt and dust.

Immediately handle spills with products that won't harm the carpet or increase re-soiling speed.

Professionally clean your carpets using hot water extraction every 12-18 months, as suggested by manufacturers, to maintain a clean, new-like appearance.

Why go with Terrific Carpet Cleaning?

We use a manufacturer recommended hot water extraction process to ensure your carpets are cleaned without damaging the delicate fibers. Water is heated to a temperature of 190F and mixed with a water softener. The hot water kills many types of bacteria while a powerful vacuum extracts dust, dander and other allergens hiding deep inside your carpet.

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What makes our carpet cleaning in Kent the best?

As a family-operated business, Terrific Carpet Cleaning takes pride in offering exceptional carpet cleaning results and customer service through our certified second-generation professionals. Our skilled specialists, using advanced tools and techniques, reveal the true potential of clean and healthy carpets. Plus, we exclusively utilize plant and fruit-based cleaning products for your family's safety!

We utilize high heat to exterminate bacteria, germs, and fungi, ensuring the cleanest and most sanitary carpet for you. This means your carpet will dry more quickly, smell fresher, and last longer than with standard cleaning. Although our competitors might offer some advantages, we supply clean, germ-free carpets using all-natural cleaning materials, from our family to yours, right here in Kent, without looking through the city for your carpet cleaning needs.

We offer consultations to identify your carpet requirements and can attend to emergency calls for freshly stained carpets, preventing stains from becoming permanent. Our main priority is your satisfaction; we enhance your home's health through carpet cleaning, water extraction, steam cleaning, and odor elimination, including upholstery cleaning to minimize allergens and stains.

Is It Worth Getting Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

Yes, having your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year is generally worthwhile. The primary purpose for this is to preserve the carpet's aesthetics. Maintaining a beautiful appearance for your carpet can be tough with only a DYI carpet cleaner. Professional carpet cleaners are equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to ensure your carpet looks fantastic for its entire life.

As dirt and debris become trapped in carpet fibers, a DIY clean may not suffice to restore the carpet's appearance and cleanliness. Regular cleaning is critical for health, but professional cleaning is needed to address deeper contaminants.

Throughout the year, carpet fibers can trap substances like pollen, germs, and allergens. If you don't have them deep cleaned by a professional floor cleaning company such as Terrific Carpet Cleaning, it may be difficult for you and your loved ones to breathe. Another important benefit of carpet cleaning is extending your carpet's life. Without an annual professional cleaning, you might need a new carpet in five to seven years, but regular cleanings—monthly, twice a year, or once a year—can increase your carpet's lifespan by several years.

Carpets Due for a Clean?

Yearly cleaning is sufficient for carpets with minimal traffic, whereas high traffic areas should be cleaned twice a year to achieve optimal results. Families in Kent with pets and kids should consider cleaning their carpets every three months. Cleaning every six months is recommended for lighter carpets. To maintain the health and comfort of individuals with allergies in your home, consider cleaning every two months. Additionally, more frequent cleaning may be necessary if someone smokes in the home to eliminate ash and odor.

What Makes Carpet Cleaning Essential?

Carpet cleaning isn't just about removing stains and improving aesthetics; it also contributes to a healthier living space for all inhabitants. Carpets are known to collect allergens, dust, and germs that can worsen respiratory issues, such as asthma and allergies, for individuals residing in the home.

While vacuuming assists in getting rid of dust mites, dirt, and bacteria, it's not enough to completely clear them, and they gather over time, augmenting the potential for health complications. Professional carpet cleaning services eradicate dust mites, germs, and other allergy triggers, making breathing easier for your family members and decreasing the chances of colds and various illnesses. Moreover, cleaning can improve airflow, essential for avoiding a stuffy or uncomfortable household.

What Carpet Cleaning Methods Are Available?

Grasping the range of carpet cleaning methods is important for the secure and efficient cleaning of your carpets. Carpets can stay attractive and last longer with the right care, but there are various cleaning options, and not all are equally effective. Methods like hot water extraction, foam shampooing, dry powder, and bonnet cleaning each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Expert carpet cleaners, such as Terrific Carpet Cleaning, choose the optimal method based on your particular requirements, like pet smells or staining.