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Preserving carpet cleanliness and excellence has been Terrific Carpet Cleaning's mission since 2020. Our business was founded as a family venture, spreading cleaning services via word of mouth among friends and neighbors. We now serve over 100 homes per week, maintaining our local friendly touch and age-old customer service.

Why Proficient Carpet Cleaning & Steam Cleaning

Your home's wall pictures and floor carpets are an external expression of your personality and way of life. Make sure the carpets don't present the wrong story. Your home benefits from carpet through increased warmth, comfort, charm, slip prevention, noise abatement, and allergen mitigation.

Carpet Cleaning: Our Starting Methods

  1. Your local cleaning service will start with inspecting the rooms you desire cleaned and talk you through the carpet cleaning approach.
  2. We'll follow up by moving as much furniture as is essential and suitable.
  3. We first tackle problematic spots with specialized care before cleaning the entire carpet.
  4. Following that, we use our exclusive carpet cleaning machines to provide a thorough clean, pumping hot water into the carpet and removing dirt deep within the fibers.
  5. Our equipment for cleaning carpets includes robust suction capabilities that remove a lot of water, which results in rapid drying of the carpet.
  6. Once the cleaning is complete, we'll undertake an evaluation with you to guarantee your satisfaction with your cleansed carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Can Improve Your Indoor Air

Research has shown that indoor air quality is frequently inferior to outdoor air quality. This may negatively impact infants, elderly individuals, and those suffering from allergies or respiratory problems. Carpets help to clean the air by trapping airborne particles, contributing to better air quality. A room with a clean carpet has a higher level of indoor air quality than a room with a hard surface floor. Professional steam cleaning promotes a healthier home atmosphere for your family.

We Offer Upholstery Cleaning Services as Well

Opt for Terrific Carpet Cleaning's professional upholstery and drapery cleaning services, featuring odor and protection treatments. Our proficient staff will renew all fabric aspects in your home, from upholstered items and fabric-paneled walls to drapes and valances.

Quickly rejuvenate the appearance and hue of your beloved sofa, couch, or chair. Our drapery cleaning method is efficient and hassle-free, as it doesn't necessitate taking down the drapes, keeping your windows covered and saving you the trouble of sending them out for cleaning.

The Value of Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Regardless of the material, upholstery tends to attract dust and dirt over time. Along with spills and stains from various liquids and substances, like juices, beverages, baby formula, and ketchup, this causes considerable damage to your upholstery. Eventually, the fabric on your sofa and other furniture items will become too stained to disregard.

Your once appealing sofa might now appear as a clutter of stains and spills. Avoid purchasing new furniture and draperies by selecting Terrific Carpet Cleaning's expert furniture and drapery cleaning services, which can swiftly upgrade your existing upholstery and draperies.

Get rid of deep-seated dust, pollen, animal dander, and other allergens in your sofa's fabric without harming your furniture using Terrific Carpet Cleaning's furniture cleaning service.

The Battle Between Carpets and Clean Air

Many mistakenly assume that carpets can worsen asthma and allergy symptoms. In contrast, research from the last 20 years has shown that when rooms are properly cleaned and maintained, airborne particles are reduced. Carpet fibers trap particles such as pollen, dust, and pet dander, stopping them from being redistributed in the air. Proper carpet maintenance is crucial for cleaner air, but it becomes more difficult to remove trapped impurities through vacuuming.

Carpet Maintenance and Cleaning: Essential Insights

Your carpet's health and splendor hinge on its maintenance and care. With proper upkeep, a quality carpet can last for a duration of 10-15 years. Consistent cleaning raises indoor air quality, honors manufacturers' warranties, and thwarts the need for premature carpet replacement.

Uncomplicated carpet care advice:

Avoid bringing in dirt by removing shoes and using mats and runners.

Vacuum 1-2 times weekly to remove dust and dirt.

Remove spots quickly using products that neither damage the carpet nor make it dirtier sooner.

To keep carpets clean and new-like, have them professionally cleaned using hot water extraction every 12-18 months, as advised by manufacturers.

Why Select Terrific Carpet Cleaning?

Our hot water extraction process, endorsed by the manufacturer, guarantees your carpets are cleaned without causing damage to the fragile fibers. We heat water to a temperature of 190F and mix it with a water softener. This process destroys many bacteria strains, while an efficient vacuum clears out dust, dander, and other hidden allergens from deep within the carpet.

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Trusted Carpet Cleaning Professionals in Bountiful

With two generations of experience, Terrific Carpet Cleaning provides certified carpet cleaning professionals. As a family friendly business, we are committed to delivering exceptional results and customer service. Experience the difference of our trained specialists using high-tech equipment and methods, and realize the full potential of clean and healthy carpets. Plus, our organic cleaners ensure complete safety for you and your loved ones!

Additionally, we kill bacteria, germs, and fungi with intense heat to give you the cleanest, healthiest carpet possible. Your carpet dries faster, smells better, and lasts longer compared to standard cleaning. While our competitors may offer some value, we provide clean, sanitized carpets with all-natural cleaning supplies from our family to yours right here in Bountiful without looking in the city for your carpet cleaning needs.

We administer consultations to discern your carpet's vital needs and react to emergency calls for new carpet stains, obstructing stains from sticking. Our primary focus is your satisfaction; we enrich your home's health with carpet cleaning, water extraction, steam cleaning, and odor management, and we even clean upholstery to shrink allergens and stains.

Time to Experience Professional Carpet Magic?

In most situations, it is always valuable to have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. One key reason for professional carpet cleaning is to maintain the carpet's appearance. Using just a DYI carpet cleaner, it can be difficult to consistently keep your carpet looking lovely. Expert carpet cleaners possess the equipment and expertise required to guarantee your carpet's beauty throughout its lifespan.

The presence of dirt and debris in carpet fibers can make a do-it-yourself clean less effective at restoring the carpet's appearance and cleanliness. Regular cleaning is essential for a healthy home, but professional cleaning is necessary to eliminate deeper issues.

Throughout the year, pollen, germs, and allergens remain trapped in your carpet fibers. Breathing can become difficult for you and your family without a deep cleaning by a professional floor cleaning company. A longer carpet lifespan is another major advantage of carpet cleaning. Failing to have your carpet cleaned professionally once a year could result in needing a new carpet within five to seven years. However, monthly, biannual, or annual cleanings can extend your carpet's life by several years.

Need Frequent Carpet Cleaning?

Yearly cleaning is sufficient for carpets with minimal traffic, whereas high traffic areas should be cleaned twice a year to achieve optimal results. Families in Bountiful with pets and kids should consider cleaning their carpets every three months. Cleaning every six months is recommended for lighter carpets. To maintain the health and comfort of individuals with allergies in your home, consider cleaning every two months. Additionally, more frequent cleaning may be necessary if someone smokes in the home to eliminate ash and odor.

Clean Carpets: Are They Worth It?

Cleaning carpets do not just remove stains or improve the look and feel - it's healthier for everyone. Carpet is well-known for harboring allergies, dust particles, and microorganisms. If you or anybody else in your house suffers from breathing issues, the airborne particles in your carpet can cause breathing problems, including asthma and allergies.

Vacuuming aids in the removal of dust mites, dirt, and bacteria; however, it doesn't entirely get rid of them, leading to accumulation and an increased risk of health issues. Professional carpet cleaning companies in Bountiful can extract dust mites, germs, and other allergens, promoting easier breathing for your family and reducing the likelihood of colds and other ailments. This cleaning process can also enhance airflow, which is essential for preventing a stuffy or uncomfortable home.

Navigating Carpet Cleaning Selections

Comprehending the array of carpet cleaning options is important for guaranteeing a safe and effective cleaning of your carpets. By providing proper care, carpets can remain beautiful and long-lasting. There are various cleaning methods available, with differing levels of effectiveness. Choose from techniques like hot water extraction, foam shampooing, dry powder, or bonnet cleaning, each with its own set of pros and cons. Professional carpet cleaners like Terrific Carpet Cleaning will select the ideal method for your carpet, depending on your specific requirements, such as pet odors or staining.